Make food storage and preservation easy with these dehydrating, canning, and food storage recipes and tips to save you time, money, and space. Welcome to The Purposeful Pantry!

Summer Dehydrating Recipes

Use these dehydrating recipes and processes for your summer garden harvests and other projects you want to tackle to put dehydrated foods in your pantry!

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The most popular recipes for learning to dehydrate food for long-term storage in your pantry.

How to Stock Your Pantry

The beginning of the year always brings a desire to clean, purge, organize and stock our pantries. Use these tips and ideas that focus on dehydrated food storage for inspiration on stocking your pantry for 2023.

Newest Dehydrating Tips and Recipes

Learn how to dehydrate, store your favorite fruits and vegetables, and build your food storage and long-term pantry.

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Preserving Food for the Pantry

From canning to dehydrating to freezing and more, learn how to preserve your food in multitudes of ways to make them shelf-stable or freezer-safe for use all year long!

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I’ve spent the last twenty years learning how to stretch our budget to meet the needs of our growing family. I want to help you succeed at it, too!

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Food Storage

Learn food storage tips, recipes, and ideas to make stocking your pantry easier on the budget, your time, and your menus. Long and short-term food storage solutions help you create a deeper pantry to feed your family.

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