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These are my recommendations on products that I use or I know are the best on the market for the things we do all the time. I’ll share my affiliate links below, but nothing on this list is something I don’t use or wouldn’t recommend.


  • Excalibur Dehydrator (usually around $300-350)
  • Cosori Dehydrator
  • Nesco FD-80 (under $80)
  • Cabela’s 10-tray Dehydrator (usually around $150, but goes on sale for $99 often)
  • Mandoline
  • Standing Mandoline
  • Mini-mandoline (not necessary – but great for garlic and ginger and other small slices.
  • Cutting Gloves (if you use a mandoline – use this, even if you do use the cutting guard) I have a beefy hand and this pair works great for me (I ordered medium).
  • Cosori Coffee Grinder I love it, but there are many out there that work just as well.
  • Nutri Ninja – grinding on a larger scale than a smaller coffee grinder, but not using a whole blender.
  • Vegetable/Onion Chopper – this device lets me dice, chop, and prep veggies for dehydrating or canning easier and faster than doing it with a knife for large quantities. There is a larger bundle with more blades and options, but I prefer this more simplistic unit.
  • Stainless steel funnel with a mesh strainer
  • Salad Spinner (helps remove excess moisture after washing produce). I also use this collapsible salad spinner.
  • Mushroom, Strawberry & Egg bladed slicer
  • • Silicone Mats
    • Excalibur Silicone Mats – expensive, but heavy-duty and my favorite mats are Excalibur Paraflexx Mats
    •   Off-Brand Mats – these mats are like the Paraflexx mats, and can be cut to fit just about any size dehydrator tray on the market. This is a less expensive brand that I’ve used, but I do prefer the above-linked mats more.
    • Off-brand Mesh Sheets – These can also be used to cut down to seize for many other brands.
    • Bright Kitchens silicone lipped trays (comes in a variety of shapes and sizes)

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This company has a layaway program where you can put $250 down on a machine, pay as you can until the machine is paid for, then they’ll ship it to you.