Free dehydrator manuals to get for the dehydrator you just bought used or have lost the manual for. Excalibur, Nesco, and more!

Excalibur food dehydrator and manual downloadable

Did you purchase a used dehydrator and need to know how it works? Or did you lose yours? You can grab a free dehydrator manual for most machines using these links. Keep it on your computer or print it out for a physical book to take notes in!

If you are looking for a new dehydrator to use, and still haven’t been able to choose, check out this reference for the best dehydrator for you and your budget.

Free Dehydrator Manuals

Choose from the links below to save a copy of the manual you need for your dehydrator model that can be saved to your computer or printed.

FYI: Not all of the links here are back to the original manufacturer who may no longer support the machines as they are out of production. So some of these links to go third parties.

Click the link of your manual below, click the link and save it to a folder on your computer or phone.

Bass Pro Shop

1856 Redhead Dehydrator



Cosori Dehydrator

Devanti Dehydrators

Excalibur Dehydrator

Ivation Food Dehydrator

LEM Dehydrator

Magic Mill Dehydrators

Nesco Dehydrator Manual

Presto Food Dehydrator

Ronco Dehydrator

Other Brand Dehydrators

Are these dehydrator manuals free?

Yes, they are! They are reviewed periodically to ensure that a site hasn’t made them a pay option. If you happen to find one that has changed, simply drop me a comment below, and I’ll research a better option or find out if it’s a mistake.

Do I need a dehydrator manual?

• Specific Machine Requirements
–Temperature settings for one-temp machines (you don’t want to dehydrate jerky in a machine that doesn’t get above 140°F/60°C)
— Stacking guidelines
–Best practices that may be specific to your machine (where to plug in, alcohol, etc.)
• Troubleshooting Guide – machine-specific troubleshooting issues if your machine fails.
• Recipe development
• Loss off the internet just when something goes wrong!

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Excalibur food dehydrator and manual downloadable
Dehydrating Basics ebook on a tablet with a cup of coffee on a wooden background
Dehydrating Basics Ebook