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30 Day Pantry Challenge Starts Today!

The 30 Day Pantry Challenge – build a well-stocked, organized pantry full of foods that your family will eat, and save time and money in the kitchen!

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Have you dreamed about the perfect pantry, but don’t have the budget or space to expand and create one of those ‘Pinterest-worthy’ pantries

Would you love to find a new way to create a pantry that fits your family’s needs without relying on weird lists of foods you’ll never eat?

Would you love to learn new techniques to organize, store, and create space in the pantry you already have?

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Then the 30 Day Pantry Challenge is for you!

The 30 Day Pantry Challenge E-book will walk you through:

  • Building & Organizing your pantry based off foods you already love
  • Learning shopping techniques that will build your stash and save you money while doing it
  • Preserving foods safely
  • Building an extended pantry for things like personal items, first aid and more!


What You’ll Get in the 30 Day Pantry Challenge Book

  • 1 Challenge a Day for 30 days
  • A “Today’s Action Item” project to complete after the lesson
    But don’t worry, we won’t grade you – everyone passes!
  • Actionable ways to improve your pantry’s ingredients to make foods that your family will love — all the time.
  • A plan to help you take advantage of grocery store sales cycles and tools to help you save even more.
  • Tips to begin learning the food preservation process
  • And so much more!

It starts for you today


Get the 30 Day Pantry Challenge book here! – all the same information, plus extra worksheets and information sheets for less than $10


30 Day Pantry Challenge ebook loaded on a tablet sitting on pantry shelf

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  1. Avatar for Helen Blain Helen Blain says:

    Unable to find the sign up link. Please add me too! Thank you, Darcy.

  2. Avatar for Jerryann Church Jerryann Church says:

    Hi Darcy I’m having the same sign up problems the other ladies are having. I tried sending myself the email link when the sign up button didn’t work – no luck. Ended up right back here. I got the vaccumm sealer article but it didn’t like it was part of this sessions, Sooooo pls manually sign me up too, pretty please.

  3. Please sign me up for the 30 day pantry challenge. I tried to sign up, but it wouldn’t accept me.

    1. Brenda – did you make sure to check the “Opt-in” small box right above the Submit button?

  4. Avatar for Norma Christensen Norma Christensen says:

    I have tried to sign up for the 30 day pantry challenge both on Facebook and here, and I get no where. Would you please sign me up. Thank you.

  5. Avatar for Sharon Geary Sharon Geary says:

    I’m excited to see what’s coming!!!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! We ran into a slight technical hiccup and are waiting for the email provider to fix the issue and it will show up soon!

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