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How to Dehydrate Plums

Dehydrate plums for a wonderful snack – and don’t be embarrassed! These aren’t like your grandfather’s prunes! These quick and easy steps will have you enjoying dried plumbs tomorrow!

Nesco dehydrator tray full of plum slices to be dried

Yes, technically, a dehydrated plum is a prune. And while the same fruit, prunes are more nutritionally dense than plums by weight.

But dried plums are so much more than just a prune! I love to dry them when they are very ripe – and they taste just like plum jelly!

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How to Dehydrate Plums

  1. Wash plums and remove pits and stems.
  2. Cut plums into the segment that you prefer.
  3. Place with the skin down on dehydrator trays.
  4. Dry at 135°F / 57°C for 10-18+ hours.
  5. Test for doneness when cool.
  6. Condition.
  7. Store in an airtight container.
Dehydrator trays with sliced plums, halved plums and a fresh plum - all being dried

Dehydrating Tips for Drying Plums

  • If using half slices, it’s helpful to cut slits in the skin in order to stop case hardening
  • Place cut sections skin side down when possible to allow the moisture to escape and making drying more efficient

If you’d like to see the full process, click the video below. It will keep you here in the post. If you don’t see a video card, click the red arrow, it will begin to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dehydrator should I use to dry plums?

Yes, you can. Though you want to watch them carefully as their high sugar can burn easily.

I happened to use a Nesco FD-75a dehydrator for this project. I also have an Excalibur and a Cosori. But any dehydrator will work. Don’t know which one is the best for you? Check out this information to help you choose the best dehydrator in your budget!

Can I dehydrate Plums in the oven?

  1. Place your prepared plums on parchment paper, on a cookie rack on your tray. Having that buffer layer helps them not burn.
  2. Turn your oven to the lowest temperature it can go (preferably less than 200F), crack the door and dry for 6-10 hours until your plums are dry.
  3. Continue to test, condition, and store as above.

How to do I know when plums are dry?

When the fruit is leathery and pliable – meaning it has no surface moisture and can bend and break fairly easily.

How do I store dried plums?

After conditioning, store in an airtight container for up to a year.

What varieties of plums are good for making prunes?

The Stanley and Damson plum variety is a good variety of plum for making prunes. However, any plum you use will work well!

Do prunes have more nutrition than plums?

Yes, if you go by weight. Since they are a dehydrated product, everything is concentrated by serving. So as far as having more nutrients, dried plums also have more carbs and more sugars than their fresh counterparts. So watch those serving sizes!

Will these dehydrated plums be soft?

Unlike commercial prunes, dried plums are not soft when made at home because we don’t add the extra ingredients that manufacturers use to make dried fruits soft. But if you prefer your dried plums softer, you can store them in the refrigerator and eat them within five days.

Nesco dehydrator tray full of plum slices to be dried

How to Dehydrate Plums

Dry plums to make some sweet snacks and add to your food storage! These easy steps will have you in prunes by tomorrow!
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  • Plums


  • Wash plums and remove pits and stems.
  • Cut plums into the segment that you prefer.
  • Place with the skin down on dehydrator trays.
  • Dry at 135°F / 57°C for 10-18+ hours.
  • Test for doneness when cool.
  • Condition.
  • Store in an airtight container.

Nutritional information is an estimation only. Nutrient information for dehydrated foods is based on fresh. Use 1/4 of the servicing size for the same nutrient information. Thus 1 Cup of fresh fruit has the same sugars as 1/4 dried.

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Nesco dehydrator tray full of plums to be dried.

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