Hi, I’m Darcy! I’m a Native Texan who doesn’t like the Dallas Cowboys or Whataburger (I hope we can still be friends)! I grew up cooking from boxes and envelopes because we were a family who just didn’t like to cook!

But when I married and had my own family – money was tight!

Things hand to change.

I had to learn that saving money, food preservation, and food waste were issues I really need to get control over.

So I spent many years on frugal message boards, with my nose in cookbooks, and watching a lot of Food Network to learn all I could about saving money on groceries and preserving food.

And in all that searching, I discovered a practical way for me to preserve food for my family, save a ton of money, and create a pantry full of food our family actually eats!

Darcy of the Purposeful Pantry standing in front of her dry pantry.

How The Purposeful Pantry Started

I spent a lot of years educating myself on food dehydrating and developed ways that worked best for me. I studied with The National Center for Home Food Preservation and other extension services that taught the safe ways to dehydrate food, and learned how to incorporate it into my practice while still being practical in how it works for us.

In 2018, I started my site, The Purposeful Pantry, to share how dehydrating food has helped me save more money and create a pantry full of food that is shelf-stable. I also share more on canning, food storage, and saving money on groceries.

In 2019, I branched out and started a YouTube channel to give visuals of how I dehydrate and use my food.

I hope you’ll join me along the journey to learn how dehydrating can save YOUR family money, time, and have a stocked pantry from your garden harvests and grocery store finds!

Our Purpose

For our family, our purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.

And with that, we also know we must learn to look after ourselves and our neighbors, to be as self-reliant as possible, not waste the resources we’ve been given, and help those around us in need and in deed.

Thus, The Purposeful Pantry was created in order to help you create a pantry full of food you’ve been able to preserve, for emergencies or to save your garden product and grocery store finds.

What the Purposeful Pantry can do for you:

  • Teach you how to dehydrate food to preserve in your pantry for short-term and long-term needs.
  • Create a long-term menu plan and build your deep pantry around it;
  • Make meals and snacks from shelf-stable dehydrated foods that your family already loves!
  • Create food storage you grow yourself or invest in from your local grocery shelves through dehydrating, freezing, and canning;
  • Create a life where you can begin to reach out and help others.

Darcy’s Favorites:

These are some of my favorite projects! Simply click on the image of the one that intrigues you the most, and I’ll show you how to do it!

Other Reader Favorites


Here are some of the questions I get asked most often:

What dehydrator should I start with?

There are so many variables, but for many, the Cosori Stainless Steel Premium dehydrator is a great choice! It’s small, quiet, and moderately inexpensive. There are so many machines to choose from, but the Cosori really is a great machine for many homes.

How do I start dehydrating?

Frozen vegetables are the easiest beginner dehydrating project. They are already prepped, blanched, and ready to be thrown onto the dehydrator for a no-fail project. You can also learn about all the various questions folks have about dehydrating with this Dehydrating Basics FAQ I set up to walk you through getting started.

Do you have a book?

I do! Dehydrating Basics & Journal is a twist on a traditional cookbook that marries recipe record-keeping with traditional how-to’s!

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