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Yay and Welcome!

YAY, and welcome to The Purposeful Pantry! I’m so glad you’ve decided to receive my emails and start your own food-dehydrating journey! As promised, here is your Dehydrating Temperature Chart to get started! You can simple right click the image and save it to your device, but I’m also sending a copy to your email…

DIY Liquid Dehydrator Tray Hack Dehydrators

DIY Liquid Dehydrator Tray Hack Dehydrators

Learn how to make your own DIY Liquid Dehydrator Tray for broths, liquids, fruit leathers and even drying powders! Are you ever scared fo doing fruit leathers, stocks or broths, or even re-drying powders because you think they’ll just leak off the edge of your dehydrator trays? Or have you ever found that your dehydrated…