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DIY Liquid Dehydrator Tray Hack Dehydrators

Learn how to make your own DIY Liquid Dehydrator Tray for broths, liquids, fruit leathers and even drying powders!

Parchment paper tray, Fruit leather tray, and Excalibur dehydrator tray

Are you ever scared fo doing fruit leathers, stocks or broths, or even re-drying powders because you think they’ll just leak off the edge of your dehydrator trays?

Or have you ever found that your dehydrated powders are getting clumpy, and you want a way to dry them again?

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Never fear, there’s a hack for that! And I’ll show you how to do it – both in photo and video from!

DIY Liquid Dehydrator Tray Dehydrator

Supplies I used

Remember that you don’t need all of these – I just did options for each kind of material in case you had any of them on hand.

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  1. Place sheet or parchment paper on your dehydrator tray
  2. Create a fold along the edges. I do about 1″.
  3. Overlap each corner
  4. Use a paperclip, staple or bulldog clip to secure the corner
  5. Continue with remaining corners
Corner of a diy homemade fruit leather tray made from parchment paper and staples

Remember, these are not stable sheets, so you don’t want to do them on another surface, fill them, and then move them to your dehydrator. Place them on your tray before filling to remove the chance of spillage.

How to Create a Liquid or Powder Dehydrator Tray

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If you’re a fan of dehydrating and have begun to delve into the world of dehydrated powders, you may have noticed that some powders tend to clump or get cakey. Most of the time, this is due to the sugar content in the powder.

Other times, it may be because you are storing them in a container that is not airtight, or too big and the powder has absorbed some of the ambient moisture in the jar. There are quite a few reasons why your dehydrated powders may become clumpy. However, you can almost always fix it with a quick trip back into the dehydrator.

But in doing so, how can you keep the powders from blowing everywhere?


Green vegetable powder in a homemade fruit leather tray on an Excalibur Dehydrator Tray

In the same way that a DIY liquid dehydrator tray helps hold in broths and other liquids from overflowing, the same concept works to help keep dehydrated powders from flying out when you’ve got the dehydrator fans running.


It’s especially important to remember to never open your dehydrator with the fan still blowing. It’s even MORE important not to do this if you’re drying powders.

Alternatively, you can put your powders in a bowl and cover with some parchment or baking paper, but I prefer having them out on a flat surface to get more drying surface exposed.

Picante Sauce on a Green Silicone Pad to dehydrate

There are now silicone sheets with a lip available to purchase for both Excalibur square trays and Nesco round dehydrator tray

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  1. I was just on the FB group asking about DH stock. I am having problems finding lipped trays, they are always out of stock. I told my husband that I might have to try to clip the corners of my silicon mats & see if that would work. Now I find out that I was on the right track!! Someone on the group said she puts her broth in a pie pan after reducing it to a paste. When more solid, she puts it on a mat or parchment. I may try that first. You are a lifesaver!

  2. Hello Darcy

    I am new to dehydrating do I need a silicon mat or can just use parchment?

    1. Mesh and fruit leather sheets are superior to parchment, and you can use whatever you find, no necessarily the more expensive ones from he manufacturers, but parchment is fine.

  3. Hey Darcy! I cannot find a post about round trays, it said coming next week, but don’t see it ? so excited to try making my own powders!!

    1. Unfortunately, the best great version is a tray by Bright Kitchen that is a silicone round tray with lips on both the outside and inside for liquids.

  4. Hi Darcy, I am pretty new at dehydrating and want to Thank you for all the time and knowledge you share! Blessings, Peggy

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